Anxiety Therapy Lakewood

Anxiety comes in many forms in peoples lives and can lead to social isolation and avoidance of situations that make a person uncomfortable. Anxiety is a broad term to describe fears, worries, and physiological responses in the body. Oftentimes, anxiety is present for most people who are anticipating an event like a test or speaking in public. But oftentimes, people have anxiety that often impedes their quality of life as one may avoid situations that produce anxiety, because these situations are so worrisome, fearful, and/or overwhelming.  Symptoms of anxiety include: panic attacks (chest pain, irregular heartbeat, clammy palms, choking feeling,numbness in the limbs, or feeling of a heart attack), worry, self-consciousness, fear of specific items, fear of embarrassment, excessive unrealistic worry and/or tension, ritualistic behaviors that cannot be stopped that produce anxiety, or recounting a traumatic event with frightening thoughts or memories.

Seeking a therapist when you have anxiety can be really difficult. The anxiety seeps in and has you untrusting and unsure of what therapist will be the right fit. As a therapist specializing in anxiety, I can help you find connections to yourself, coping tools for managing anxiety, and create new ways of thinking that challenge your anxiety, instead of letting anxiety manage you.

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