Teen OCD Treatment

Taylor is a practicum student from the University Of Denver, working with In Focus Counseling for her winter and spring quarters. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2019 and is now working toward her master’s degree in counseling through the University of Denver. Taylor has previously interned with children and adolescents at a child advocacy center during her undergraduate education. She hopes to continue working with this population and expanding her knowledge. Currently, Taylor is working to explore her theoretical orientation through a holistic approach. She views each client as an individual and believes in coming up with new and creative ways to help clients achieve their goals. Taylor is passionate about making a connection with her clients and brings a warm and opening attitude toward all. Her personal experience with mental health aids in this connection and gives insight to the perspective of the client. Taylor enjoys working with teens due to her personal understanding of beginning therapy during her high school years. With this, she is able to be versatile with each client and understands it is important for the client to know that someone is there for them and does not have to struggle alone.

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