Clinical Supervision and Addiction Counselor Supervision

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Addiction Counselor, I offer supervision or consultation for students and those seeking licensure or CAC certification in Colorado. I come from a collaborative perspective and have been trained in supervision, multiculturalism, and theoretical orientations including but not limited to: CBT, M-CBT, TR-CBT, ACT, ERP/EXRP, Narrative, Motivational Interviewing, and Existential. I have worked in a variety of agencies and institutions in the Denver and can help facilitate your professional growth within the context you currently work.

I offer a collaborative perspective to help you along your journey to being your genuine self in your therapeutic presence. With mindfulness practices and clinical perspectives, you can learn to tune into client needs and your own presence as a therapist with integrity. The supervision process includes: required documentation and verification of supervision hours, professional development plans, suggested resources, contacts within the community, guidance through the field, and private practice structure. Finding a supervisor that is a good fit for you is important. Please let me know if you might have any questions to help you with your search.

What supervision is like with me:
Inclusive of your culture and life experiences

Addiction Counselor Supervision is offered at the rate of $100 per clinical hour. Sliding scale and group rates available (if you have multiple colleagues). Whether you are starting a private practice, working in the community, or working in variety of hospital/inpatient/agency settings, supervision is a growth process of alining your training with your abilities. If you are interested in clinical supervision with me your LPC, LAC, or Certified Addiction Counselor, please call to discuss further (720) 295-9522.

What is the difference between consultation and clinical supervision?
Consultation is offered as peer to peer support to talk about clinical issues from a perspective. Consultation is not suited for needed certification and license hours verification as it is not a role to oversee your efforts as a clinician. Consultation may shed light on specific issues or clinical application (such as the Exposure and Response prevention therapy I offer).

Business Coaching for Therapists in Denver

You want to start a private practice, now what? You find yourself overwhelmed by the options of website platforms, web address options, keyword SEO, marketing, networking, business card design,the ins and outs of everything. Honestly, it feels overwhelming. I come from a business background, have owned a successful photography business, and now therapy is my final place of practice.  Being in the photography realm of creative arts, I have connections with business strategist, digital designers, web developers, interior designer for your space, brand ambassadors, photography for your headshots, and many ways and resources to help you speak to your brand as a therapist.

Your ideal client is the person who is out there looking for you, I help you speak to them from business cards to blogging, to setting fees, to your online presence. I enjoy marketing and helping you take steps to building your business to be profitable while maintaining your values and boundaries as a clinician. And while speaking to the needs and cultural sensitivities of your clients and their families. Business coach is not supervision. However, still holds the ethical values of supervision and the ethics we abide by as psychotherapists. Starting at $100/ hour or $180 for 2 Hours.

If you are interested in an Addiction counselor supervision or LPC supervision your therapy practice or agency work, give me a call to discuss further (720) 295-9522.

*Due to ethical standards of dual relationship, you may not seek business coaching and supervision simultaneously with me.