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Mental Health In Focus, The Differences Between Anxiety and OCD

What’s the Difference Between Anxiety and OCD? – Mental Health in Focus Does it ever feel like your brain is stuck in a never-ending loop? Or maybe it’s like you’re living on autopilot while never being truly present? Ever been referred to as an anxious person or even a worrywart? Anxiety is a common emotion […]

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Emotional Support Animals and Their Therapeutic Benefits

It is natural that when anyone feels uncomfortable, scared, nervous, or sad, to immediately search for a way to feel a sense of safety or regulation. Some of these methods could be a hug, listening to music, exercising, meditation, etc.. Anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, or other mental health conditions…

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Don’t Be Afraid of the “Woo-Woo”

By Christine Worrell, MA, LPCCPsychotherapist at In Focus Counseling PLLC. I often hear as a therapist and friend, “I don’t do meditation – all that woo-woo stuff is too out there for me.”   I have to admit… I love the woo-woo.  I get that buzzwords of “mindfulness” and “meditation” generate emotional and sometimes physiological […]

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Bids for Connection: What Are They and How Can They Help?

In Focus Counseling Blog | What are Bids for Connection?

What Are Bids? In romantic relationships, bids are attempts we make to try to emotionally connect with our partner. These are moments when our partners are reaching out to us saying “pay attention to me.” Chances are you and your partner are already engaging in bids without being fully aware of it. Drs. John and […]

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