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December Holiday Survival Group.

The Holidays are Coming! Now What? Prepare! The holidays are a time in most people’s lives where stress comes and it appears to be for no reason. Seasons change and it becomes cold outside and you might notice the stress or a change in mood or energy. This year, take a different approach and set some […]

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Holiday Survival Group- Lakewood Therapist

The Holidays are Coming! Now What? Prepare! Don’t let holiday stress blind side you. Anticipate common stressors, make lists, and create a plan for optimal time management. Therapeutic group focused on Adults who are looking for ways to survive the hectic and stressful Holiday season. The holidays bring up a lot of stressful anticipation. This Holiday Survival […]

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Inspirational Video- Moving Art TM

This video is an inspirational video for your Monday. Louie Schwartzberg shares what motivates him. Enjoy and take a moment to be aware of your surroundings today. What motivates you? Share Share List

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Parent Self-Care Webinar Denver Counseling

Parents have a hard job, its being a parent! Then throw in work, dinner, homework, tantrums, arguments, finances, birthday parties, driving around, sports, leisure time, and cleaning; you soon start to realize that you are trying to do it all. The 24 hours in a day, is definitely not enough. Learning how to better care for […]

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