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December Holiday Survival Group.

The Holidays are Coming! Now What? Prepare! The holidays are a time in most people’s lives where stress comes and it appears to be for no reason. Seasons change and it becomes cold outside and you might notice the stress or a change in mood or energy. This year, take a different approach and set some […]

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Holiday Survival Group- Lakewood Therapist

The Holidays are Coming! Now What? Prepare! Don’t let holiday stress blind side you. Anticipate common stressors, make lists, and create a plan for optimal time management. Therapeutic group focused on Adults who are looking for ways to survive the hectic and stressful Holiday season. The holidays bring up a lot of stressful anticipation. This Holiday Survival […]

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Accepting Appointments for August

In Focus Counseling, Denver will be accepting appointments starting August 5th, 2013 in Lakewood, Colorado. Offering counseling services to individuals. Specializing in addiction recovery, depression, anxiety, and work/life balance. Please contact (720) 295-9522 or email Share Share List

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