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Clutter…I like mine shaken not stirred: Why clutter can contribute to anxiety


Clutter…I like mine shaken not stirred: Why clutter can contribute to anxiety  Ever go to a speakeasy and watch a skilled mixologist? The cocktails they create are pieces of art. They stimulate not only our taste buds but our eyes and sense of smell. Our brains are like that perfect cocktail…an exact combination of chemicals […]

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How can mediation benefit your situation? Guest blog from Denver Divorce Mediator

Divorce Help Lakewood Today I bring you information about divorce mediation from Scott B. Methling of . As professionals, Scott and I know the benefits people of experience of navigating and the stresses of coping with high conflict in their lives. Today the focus is mediation during divorce of separation. Not only can mediation save you money in […]

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Emotional Eating Lakewood Counselor: When your eating habits get out of hand

Emotional Eating Lakewood Counselor “When Your Eating Habits Get Out of Hand” Emotional Eating- Lakewood Addiction Counselor As a member of our society member, you may or may not notice that we are bombarded with media delivery and general messages that tell us how to look, dress, feel, and act. Culture is an important factor […]

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December Holiday Survival Group.

The Holidays are Coming! Now What? Prepare! The holidays are a time in most people’s lives where stress comes and it appears to be for no reason. Seasons change and it becomes cold outside and you might notice the stress or a change in mood or energy. This year, take a different approach and set some […]

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