Now is the Time for Presence: Four Week Mindfulness Therapy Commitment (Telehealth)

Led by: Christine Worrell, MA, LPCC 

Photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash

You are not your thoughts.  You are the awareness observing your thoughts.

If you have ever contemplated what it is like to talk to a mental health counselor, now is the time to try.  Due to COVID-19, stress and anxiety levels in our homes are higher than ever.  The uncertainty of our lives and the dramatic shift in our daily experiences are creating more distress than people may be prepared to manage on their own.  We all are struggling in different ways but we can take action each day to make healthy choices in how we move forward. 


Four 50 minute individual Telehealth video sessions.  In addition, clients will receive Four 20 minute guided meditation experiences via Telehealth phone or video.

As an anxiety specialist, Christine will bring her knowledge and passion to each meeting providing education and mindfulness exercises on topics including excessive worry, anxiety, stress, acceptance, presence and valued-action.  

Program Goals:

  1. Understand the function of anxiety and ways to unhook from it’s grips.
  2. Develop the ability to observe the chattering mind and critically assess it’s voice.
  3. Acquire mindfulness skills to ground in the present moment amongst challenging distractors.
  4. Create a daily wellness routine to incorporate self-care action plans.
  5. Address individual concerns presented by clients which are related to stress and anxiety.

You  will participate in evidence-based exercises supporting the above goals. Handouts will be provided each week to be reviewed and completed before the next session.  

Cost: $400 for 4 – 50 minute individual sessions and 4 – 20 minute guided meditations. (Pro bono packages are available for healthcare workers based on interest and need, please email

Enjoy from the privacy of your own home in your favorite comfortable spot.  No commute.  

The power of hope and willingness to grow during uncertain times can propel us forward into the individuals we want to be and into the lives we want to live.  I hope I have the opportunity to help in that process!

Call Christine at (720) 295-9522 Ext 506 or email

** This commitment for Four Week Mindfulness Therapy is a limited educational opportunity.  If clients wish to pursue traditional psychotherapy after the package is completed, Christine’s 50 minute session rate is $150.  New therapeutic agreements and disclosures would be completed at that time. **