Addiction and OCD Therapy in Lakewood

If its time for you to Focus on yourself or your relationships…Addiction and OCD Therapy in Lakewood may help!

Lori Johnson is an experienced and licensed professional and licensed addiction counselor in Lakewood. She is the Clinical Director of In Focus Counseling. She works with both adolescents and adults who are challenged with variations of depression, anxiety, OCD, addiction, recovery from eating disorders, recovery focused living, mindfulness, and work/life and school/life balance. At In Focus Counseling LLC, Lori is passionate about helping individuals and couples thrive as a self entity and for couples to thrive as a cohesive unit.

Therapy is:
Non judgmental

Culturally Inclusive

A place of trust
Before becoming a counselor in Lakewood, Lori received her Bachelor and Masters Degree in psychology at the University of Colorado. After getting her undergraduate degree is Psychology, she facilitated clinical research with couples relationships and interactional style. She also volunteered her time working with teens and families who were challenged with addiction, trauma, and legal ramifications. She enjoyed working with at risk youth helping teens and young adults explore ways to cope with peer groups, addiction, bullying, healthy eating, trauma, racism/discrimination, poverty, self development, and the management of persistent mental illness. As a practitioner experienced in working with adults, both male and female in, Intensive Outpatient, Court Mandated treatment, Residential, Inpatient, and Psychiatric Hospitals, she understands the need for a persons interdependence in working through persistent mental illness including: schizophrenia, Addiction, PTSD and trauma, OCD, Behavioral issues, Eating disorders, ADHD, depression, and anxiety.

All experiences people face shape who one is a person including: values, beliefs, traditions, culture, rituals, opinions, the words they use, and the way they believe the world works. Despite occurrence of situations in childhood or adulthood, Lori believes we come from a society that tells us we should “be” a certain way or deal with situations a certain way. This causes conflict in life and the feeling that you aren’t doing what you are “supposed to.”

“I am not  crazy, I don’t need counseling”, is just an example of the messages and stereotypes implied about counseling in our society. You don’t have to have to be labeled because you go to counseling or labeled for anything. In fact, most people benefit from counseling find they have clear focus on their path in life and skills on how to handle future challenges. Lori works collaboratively with clients to find the connected elements of presenting concerns and how to best approach growing into a evolving, creative self. Lori is in partnership with 950 Wellness collaborative in Lakewood, Colorado

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